Presenting the most different generation of smart homes, SEDNA Co. entered professional business in Iran in 2011, with the cooperation of Eindhoven University, the Netherlands. So far, it has managed to provide a significant part of facilities industry, air conditioning, and lighting of Iran in order to provide welfare and decrease energy consumption. Smart thermostat and lighting key is the product of mutual scientific and researching cooperation between the laboratory of SEDNA Electronic, Iran, and Eindhoven University, the Netherlands. In 2015, SEDNA Co.'s Volkan Thermostat got nominated for RED DOT International Award in Product Design. Gaining ISO 9001 and 10002 Certificates by SEDNA Co. shows a different path for quick, high quality, and certain mass production in Iran. Apart from innovation in product design, the cooperation of SEDNA Electronic, Iran, with Eindhoven University, the Netherlands, resulted in innovation in production methodology, which has given a greater share of facilities and construction market to SEDNA.

All In one

Smart Thermostat

Air conditioning accounts for about half of the energy used in homes. So when everyone cranks up the AC on hot summer days, the demand for energy spikes and energy companies have to bring on costly new power to avoid outages.

VOLKAN  Energy Monitoring SELENA Easy
SMART All in one RCCB switch Sedna Electric

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