Selna Easy Smart Thermostat

Selena smart thermostat is a different generation of household thermostats which with a luxurious appearance, it achieves an easy performance along with beauty and reduction of energy consumption. With colored LEDs, beautiful design, and use of high-quality electronic parts, this thermostat makes it possible for the clients to decide and program in order to decrease the house temperature. It is capable of simultaneously showing the house's temperature and the client's needed temperature with high accuracy. Moreover, it has touch keys for easier and nicer use. It has LEDs to illustrate the temperature, hence beautifying the house. Considering the environment's temperature as well as the temperature, desired by the client, Selena Thermostat changes the environment's temperature at will by means of its own controlling programs and wastes the minimum amount of energy, thus decreases energy consumption.


Screen frame size

88*88*17 mm

Sensor Accuracy




Temperature domain


Feed source

220-VAC / 24-5 VDC,>150mA -SMPS

Work type with the device

TAP & HOLD Touch Pad


  1. Beautiful design, appropriate for all spaces
  2. Ability of commanding two electrical tabs
  3. Ability of commanding three fan speeds as well as automatic case
  4. Cooling and heating seasons
  5. Graphic screen with colored and beautiful LEDs
  6. Temperature sensor and digital and graphical illustration of the temperature

To turn the thermostat on, touch the specified power place.

Touch keys with up and down arrow indicators are for increasing and decreasing the desired temperature of the user.

The touch key, menu, has two selection states:

  1. Tapping the touch key (touching without pause)
  2. Holding the touch key (holding the touch for about three sec.)


In this case, the fan speed can be set. With the first tap, Fan 1; the second one, Fan 2; third one, Fan 3; and the fourth one, the automatic case are selected.


In this case, the season type (mode) is determined: cooling and heating.

Set the fan speed or by selecting Auto minimize the energy consumption.

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