ISO 9001 / ISO 10002

ISO 9001 Standard, 2008 Edition:

ISO 9001 Standard indicates the basics of quality management system. Based on the rules and regulations of this standard, in case an organization or a company manages to receive this standard certificate, it automatically enjoys the benefits of this standard on its performances.

  1. Giving confidence among the customers
  2. More and organized control on organization processes
  3. Promotion of inter-organizational relations
  4. Correction of errors and preventing them
  5. Increasing system utilization
  6. Detection of the possible paths to improve processes
  7. Preventing repetitive works and waste of time and money
  8. Customer satisfaction and less complaints, etc.

ISO 10002 Standard, 2004 Edition:

ISO 10002 is an international framework for management and programming in order to satisfy the customers.

  1. ISO 10002 Standard gives some generalization, concerning the following items:
  2. Identification and detection of needs and expectations of dissatisfied customers
  3. Creating a process for the way of pursuing the complaints
  4. Analyzing the complaints in order to improve the required goods and services
  5. Audit process to pursue customers' complaints
  6. Controlling the effectiveness of the taken measures

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