The Introduction of SEDNA

Introducting Sedna

Sedna Co. entered the field of activities and competitions in order to offer the most optimum and valuable services to customers, being itself customer-oriented. So far, it has managed to meet important requirements of facilities and lighting industry of Iran in order to decrease energy consumption for 25%. Attempts, made by this group, has led to frequent product exports and financial exchanges. Sedna Co. is active in terms of making BMS products, which is exclusively in the hands of European and American companies. It even has managed to localize some products of this area in Iran, producing them with a very high value added and presenting them to Iranian construction and facilities industry. Accordingly, Sedna products are designed jointly by the University of Tehran and the University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The production capacity of Sedna Electronic Co. is 200 thousand devices annually. Some clients of this company include Nia Energy, Lorch, Saran, Pipex, Bernoulli, and Tehran Nasim Afarin. Quality, delivery timing, and flexibility of Sedna's products is one of the outstanding features of this company.

The products of Sedna Co. are very innovative in these industries and in this field 6 inventions and industrial plans have been registered and the company has received standard certificate from European companies. Currently, this company is negotiating with the institute of Iranian standard in order to open testing and calibration lab for BMS products.

Smart thermostat (Volcan) and smart lighting controller (Sun) are some of Sedna Co.'s products. Right now, these products have received the attention of Iran's air conditioning as well as lighting industries companies. Vulcan and Sun have led to some 70% financial saving and are capable of being exported to the neighboring countries.

Sedna Co. is a successful example and pattern of the cooperation between the private sector and academia, as the researching and development department of this company is jointly and persistently cooperating with CST Lab of Electrical and Computer Engineering departments of University of Tehran.

Sedna Co. is capable of annually producing 200 thousand smart thermostats and smart 6-pole light switches. It also can contribute to the direct and indirect employment of 250 staff members.

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