Centigrade app

Today, Volkan thermostat is equipped with an app called Celsius. With this app, several thermostats at different places can be monitored and programmed at the same time throughout the house. The experience of using thermostat app is quite simple and exciting. In Centigrade design, it has been tried to use the graphical symbols as much as possible as used already in the Volkan thermostat interface in order to create familiar experiences for users. Other users who do not have the experience of working with Volkan at the first glance can easily learn how to work with Centigrade app and enjoy the relationship between themselves and the temperature of the environment in their smartphone.


Energy History

This section of Centigrade is where you can see what's going on in energy consumption at a glance. Daily, monthly and annual energy consumption for heating and cooling with red and blue colors are shown on the chart. In addition, the optimum consumption is in green, just drag the day, month, or year with the numbers bar to see the result.



In this section of Centigrade you can create a program for a week. The amount that thermostat must heat or cool, is indicated by red and blue on the top strip, respectively, and if you select a situation similar to the Star Energy Standards, you will see the same amount of green on the tape.

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