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SEDNA Service

One of the activities of Sedna Group is to offer after-sales services, installation, and guarantee for the company's products. Regarding the use, the customer can pass the levels of product selection, order, and installation easily in less than some minutes and simultaneously can be certain about the counsellors' response and the technical experts' support in all these levels. In case of any problem, the customer can easily do the troubleshooting levels by means of lateral tools of Sedna Co. Also he can be sure about Sedan's after-sales services.

The guarantee does not cover the following items:
  • Damages from wrong transportation and incorrect installation
  • Repair by illegal individuals
  • Power fluctuations and illegal feeding voltage
  • Using this product with another device which is not compatible with the technical specifications and output limitations of the thermostat
  • Defaced guarantee seal or device serial no.
  • This guarantee does not cover the costs of dispatch to Sedna Service Office and re-installation.

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