Product Customization

R&D Ability, OEM Process, Example of customized products

This department of Sedna Co., itself composed of two sections of "innovation and research" and "programming and development", has started its activity with the aim of managing the company's projects in the area of energy controllers, transverse development of company's products, and increasing the quality and quantity of the existing products cart. Accordingly, we see a gradual advances by Sedna Group in terms of new products' design, customers' orders for specific products, and improvement of previous products. Thanks to the Circuits & Systems Test (CST) Lab of Electronic and Computer Engineering departments, Technical Faculty, University of Tehran, this section of the company is equipped to the newest required technologies and as a result of this connection with the university, it enjoys the latest information and researches in the field of energy consumption. The experts in this sector have entered Sedna Co., after completing their education in the best universities, inside or outside Iran, and receiving sufficient work background as well as engineering experiences.

Along with the service team, the engineering team of Sedna Group, consisted of experts in electronic, mechanic, etc. areas, have in recent years unveiled its potentials in updating the products, offering specific services for product support, defining new products, and designing specific products by introducing research and development projects as well as designing specific products for customers. One of the activities of Sedna Group is defining the products for the customers which based on environmental requirements, cooling and heating facilities, cost of controlling facilities, etc. needs some changes in the previous products of the group. The stages of ordering the customer-specified products are simple and all products after the sale will be subject to after-sales services of the relevant sector of Sedna Co.

Cooperation by Sedna

Cooperation with the Companies that Produce Air Conditioning Systems

Quality, delivery timing, and trustworthiness of Sedna products are some of the outstanding features of the company, which has caused active companies in the field of producing air conditioning systems cooperate with Sedna. Some of such companies are Nia, Energy, Lorch, Saran, Pipex, and Bernoulli.

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